Highly-pigmented water-based quality face paint adored by professional face painters world-wide.  Superb coverage and vivid colours are fabulous for both brush work and sponging.
Palette Essential 12 x 10g 
Essential White
Essential Light Brown
Essential Brown
Essential Red
Essential Pink
Essential Orange
Essential Yellow

Colours shown are similar to actual colours.  

Prices are subject to change. 

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Essential Light Green
Essential Green
Essential Dark Green
Essential Light Blue
Essential Dark Blue
Essential Blue
Essential Purple
Essential White
Metallic Gold
Neon Magenta
Neon Orange
Neon Yellow
Neon Green
Neon Blue
Neon Violet
Neon Pink
Neon White
Metallic Silver
Metallic Yellow
Metallic Green
Metallic Blue
Metallic Violet
Metallic Gold
Metallic Yellow
Metallic Gold
Metallic Red (Rose)
ES1010  32g  Essential Black
ES1001  32g  Essential White
ES1018  32g  Essential Light Brown
ES1020  32g  Essential Brown
ES1030  32g  Essential Red 
ES1032  32g  Essential Pink
ES1040  32g  Essential Orange
ES1050  32g  Essential Yellow
ES1057  32g  Essential Light Green
ES1060  32g  Essential Green
ES1062  32g  Essential Dark Green
ES1066  32g  Essential Light Blue
ES1068  32g  Essential Dark Blue
ES1070  32g  Essential Blue
ES1080  32g  Essential Purple
ES2010  45g  Essential Black
ES2001  45g  Essential White
ES3010  90g  Essential Black
MM1100  32g  Metallic Gold
MM1200  32g  Metallic Silver
MM1300  32g  Metallic Rose
MM1400  32g  Metallic Yellow 
MM1500  32g  Metallic Green
MM1600  32g  Metallic Blue
MM1700  32g  Metallic Violet
MM2100  45g  Metallic Gold
MM2400  45g  Metallic Yellow
MM3100  90g  Metallic Gold
NN128  32g  Neon Magenta *
NN140  32g  Neon Orange *
NN150  32g  Neon Yellow *
NN160  32g  Neon Green *
NN170  32g  Neon Blue
NN132  32g  Neon Violet
NN125  32g  Neon Pink *
NN180  32g  Neon White
Essential Black
Essential Black
Essential Black
Palette Pastel 6 x 10g
(Striped paint!)
50g Euro Blend Tropical Rainbow
MM2875  45g  Metallic Orange
MM1800  32g  Metallic White
MM2950  45g  Metallic Copper 
MM2750  45g  Metallic Black
MM2900  45g  Metallic Old Gold
ES1024  32g  Pastel Golden Yellow
ES1025  32g  Pastel Fuchsia Pink
ES1026  32g  Pastel Sea Green
ES1027  32g  Pastel Blue
ES1028  32g  Pastel Lavender
ES1029  32g  Pastel Grey
50g Euro Blend Neon Rainbow *
MM1850  32g  Metallic Old Gold
MM1875  32g  Metallic Orange
MM1950  32g  Metallic Copper 
MM1750  32g  Metallic Black
MM1650  32g  Metallic Bronze
MM1900  32g  Metallic Baby Blue
* USA:  All Diamond FX products/pigments, EXCEPT the UV/Neons marked *, are compliant with the American FDA Cosmetic Regulations.  Those marked * are specifically not approved for application close to the eyes, but they are approved for "special effects and use on hair ".  The UV Blue, Violet and White are fully FDA-compliant for use as a cosmetic and therefore may be used close to the eyes.

EUROPE: All Diamond FX products/pigments, EXCEPT ALL UV/Neons, are compliant with European Union Cosmetic Directives.  There are no UV/Neon pigments ,of any brand, compliant with EU Cosmetic Directives.  They are approved for "special effects and use on hair ".

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Essential White
ES3001  90g  Essential White
Palette Metallic 6 x 10g
Palette Neon 6 x 10g
Palette Skintones 6 x 10g
Palette Essential  6 x 10g

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